NTX Beer Week at Ross & Hall!


No beer garten would be complete without celebrating North Texas (NTX) Beer Week—and since beer is near and dear to our hearts, we just had to sponsor such an awesome event! Beer is just so important, this event actually runs for ten whole days throughout North Texas—but we know the best place to celebrate is at Ross & Hall, of course! Between the dates of October 27 to November 5, make sure you stop by and celebrate NTX Beer Week with us!

Ross & Hall is (always) the Place to be!

Sure, you could go elsewhere to celebrate an amazing week to drink great beer, but honestly, why would you when you could come be with us at Ross & Hall?! With an amazing beer garten and delicious menu, you are sure to be happy with any choice you make during Beer Week! Especially when you try the delicious beers that we will be having from amazing breweries (see below for dates!!)! During this week, we will be featuring a couple of amazing breweries from Texas on different nights—so make sure you stop in on each night to give them all a try! Honestly, we would never pick one night over the other, so we would also come in each night! Also, don’t forget that our patio is dog friendly and the best in Dallas—so come join us to celebrate an important week to every Texan!


NTX Beer Week at Ross & Hall

We will be having four different days in which you can celebrate NTX Beer Week with us—all of which start at 5 PM! A great way to end the work day is to celebrate with a deliciously cold beer!

October 27: On the first night of NTX Beer Week, we will be tapping The Lion Share IV and The Temptress! Both are too good to pass up... So, our only suggestion is to try them both! Lakewood Brewing Company has some delicious options for you, and we want to share it with you—try it out!

October 31: Join us for the spookiest day of the year when we tap Nitro Dawn of the Dank! A perfectly named beer from Cobra Brewing offers fruity flavors to help outweigh all the candy you might eat on this day!

November 1: Although our beer options are still to be determined, we do know you still won’t want to miss out since we’re going to be featuring Peticolas Brewing Company from Dallas! All options they have are tasty (and goes great with a any Ross & Hall burger...), so you will not want to miss it!

November 2: On our final day of celebrating this very important week, we will be featuring AleSmith Brewing Company’s Speedway Stout (Vietnamese Coffee). Coffee and beer—sign us up, and we will see you at 5 PM!


During this week, it is an awesome time to:

1)    Visit Ross & Hall (a lot)

2)    Try some new beers (at Ross & Hall)!

3)    Eat Ross & Hall food…

4)    Celebrate NTX Beer Week (at Ross & Hall)!

See you starting October 27 to celebrate—we cannot wait