Best Spot for a Private Event? Ross & Hall!

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Are you looking for the perfect place to host an event?! Well, look no further—because we have the place for you! Ross & Hall has a perfect spot for you to have your event at! With the holidays coming up soon (we can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week!), be sure to contact us soon! You can easily send in your information on our website here! All we will need is some simple information about you, the gathering you are having, date, time, and how many people you are planning to have. Since we will need some information from you, it seems only right for us to give you some information about our awesome private event space!


Join Us!

We absolutely love having gatherings with our friends and family—birthday parties, engagement parties, office parties, graduation parties… we could go on and on. If you host this party at your own home, you have so much to worry about! Cleaning up your house (just to have it get messy again!), getting food, and making sure everyone is happy—it gets stressful. When you join us at Ross & Hall, we take away that stress!

Our beautiful private event room caters up to 75 guests for a dinner service, or 125 for a cocktail service—and whichever option you choose, you will all fit comfortably. When you let us host your party, you know you are going to be getting both amazing food and service—but there are some things that you might not know you will be getting. When you come to Ross & Hall’s private event room, you also have a private entrance, and garage doors that are super chic (seriously, check out those pictures below!). Along with this, you will also have access to our patio! It really is the best place to have a private event (okay, we might be a little biased about it…).


If you are looking for the perfect place to host your private event in the Dallas area, look no further! Ross & Hall is here to make your event one to remember without all the fuss and stress! Contact us today about booking our private event room!


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