Ross & Hall Goes Green

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Here at Ross & Hall, we do our best to always leave our mark in the best way possible. So, when we entered this wonderful new neighborhood, we let you know that we wanted your feedback—what was and wasn’t working for you, and how we could change it! Another way we leave want to leave our mark is by being green. And the best part is, we can only do this because of you guys! So, we are here to tell you three different (and even easy!) ways we went green, and how you are helping us every time you join us!

Three Green Initiatives

You might not have even noticed the three different ways we are green! They are relatively simply, but they are also impactful! We are here to tell you about the three different ways we went green—bringing a mug, water, and composting!

Bring Your Mug!

On Sundays at brunch, we offer a free cup of coffee to anyone who brings in their own mug. This is a small and easy way for us to give back to the Earth! This allows you and us here at Ross & Hall to work together to give back! So easy, and you get rewarded with one free cup of coffee!


Where’s the Water?!

You might be thinking we’re stingy when it comes to water, but in actuality we are trying to save water! If you want water with your meal, you can simply ask for water and we will gladly provide you with some! We do this so that we aren’t wasting water—and this waste comes in a couple of different forms. If you don’t drink water that is in front of you, we have to pour that water out. We also have to wash the cup, even if you didn’t drink out of it! So, we do this so we can save water in an easy way. We promise, it’s for the planet!



Instead of plastic bags and Styrofoam containers, we have compostable containers (Ecotainers) that are made from plants, and bags (from that are 100% biodegradable! Both of these will not harm the environment when they decompose, which is awesome!


When we go green, that means you do too! Next time you feel guilty about eating out or not cooking for the fifth night in a row—remember when you join us at Ross & Hall, you are technically giving back to the planet! Keep that in mind, and we will see you soon!  

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