Daily Specials AND Happy Hour?! See you at R & H!!

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If you’re like us, you absolutely love happy hour—especially when it’s a happy hour at Ross & Hall! Lucky for you—we have daily specials AND happy hour! Happy hour runs from 3 to 7 PM, Monday through Friday!  Below we have listed our daily specials AND happy hour options that are, honestly, too good to pass on!

We seriously recommend joining us every day—and with deals like this, you can afford to!

Our Daily Specials!  

Monday Specials

Sometimes (alright, most times) you need something to help you start your week off right—and we recommend coming into Ross & Hall to get your week on the right foot! Thankfully we understand the struggle that is Monday—so we have some delicious food options to help you get through it. So, we have brisket, pulled pork and Asian fire chicken sliders all available! We know, it’s insane! We also have $3 13 Kings Vodka and $5 Texas Mules! Turn your Monday frown around at Ross & Hall!!

Tuesday Specials

You guys know the deal— $3.50 tacos and $3 tequila! If you want to know more about this deal of a century, check out our whole blog dedicated to Taco & Tequila Tuesday here!

Wednesday Specials

What better way to get over hump day than with a Pint Night! We have half priced pints and specialty pints for tastings! Nothing like a delicious (and half priced) pint to help you make it through the rest of the week!

Thursday Specials

It’s called Thirsty Thursday for a reason—which is why we offer half priced wine on Thursdays! You’re almost to the weekend, so treat yo’ self with half priced wine!!

Friday Specials

ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT HAPPY HOUR! You heard that right—we aren’t even limiting our happy hour specials (see below!!) to a couple of hours—you come in and join us on a Friday, and you get great deals! It only makes sense, Friday really is the happy hour of life!  


Happy Hour Deals!!

So, from Monday to Friday from 3 to 7 PM (except Friday—we let these deals happen all day) we have amazing deals! Join us for:

$3 Well Drinks

$3 Domestic Bottles (includes Shiner!!)

$4 House Wine

$4 Beer Tap (featured weekly)

Half Priced Apps

We cannot wait for you to join us—we can see you drooling from behind the screen just reading about our deals!

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