No Basic Burgers!


Burgers are a staple to our diets, so we had to make sure that we had amazingly delicious burgers on our menu to share with all of you! And let us tell you—they are not your average or basic burgers. They are delicious and elevated in flavor that you would expect from Ross & Hall. All of our burgers come with a chuck blend burger, but we have some other options if you are looking for something else. You can have: turkey, bison, or burgundy pasture grass-fed blend. No matter which beef base you choose, you’re going to be drooling!

Our Amazing Burgers!

Out of the four burgers we have, we know you will love all of them! Made with love and cooked to perfection, we are going to tell you about our four amazing burgers today!

R&H Style

Our signature burger! Let us tell you, you are going to love this burger! On your burger, you will have two cheeses (cheddar and swiss!!), bacon, caramelized onions, and garlic mayo. You best believe you are going to love this—we promise!

Grab a beer with your burger! 

Grab a beer with your burger! 

The Tangy Blue

You probably could guess what is on this burger with the world blue in it… but we have a special surprise on this burger! Along with the blue cheese, you’re going to get some spicy mustard on that burger too! Seriously, it’s so good. The spice from the mustard goes so well with the flavor of the blue cheese!

Mushroom Provolone

Another burger that you might be able to guess what is on it, but we have another trick up our sleeve! Topped with provolone, wild mushrooms, and our garlic mayo. It’s a classic burger with an added flair that we are obsessed with!

BBQ Swiss

Last, and certainty not least, we have our BBQ Swiss Burger. We have our homemade BBQ sauce, swiss, and super crispy onions. We would put our BBQ sauce on pretty much anything, but dang is it good on this burger!

Try our burgers on our patio!

Try our burgers on our patio!

Don’t just take our word on how great our burgers are, come in and try them for yourself—you can thank us later!

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