Beer Garten? No, Drink Garten!

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Although we are big fans of beer (especially from the great state of Texas), we also know that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (or should we say pint of beer…). And that’s totally okay with us—which is why we have some stellar drinks on our menu that aren’t beer! We do have a lengthy and delicious beer menu (which you can see here!!), but we also have drinks that are super tasty that aren’t beer—so today, we are going to talk about them!

Anything But Beer

So, we don’t all love beer—and we want to you to know that it’s okay to still come and hang out at Ross & Hall even if you despise beer! We have other drinks that are amazing (okay, some of them might be better than beer… but don’t tell anyone we said that, okay?!) and we want to tell you about them!


Kombucha is huge! So, you have probably heard about it, but if not—we’re here to help you! It’s a probiotic tea that is good for your body. In other words, it is a cultured and fermented tea that many believe increase their energy and awareness. We have two different flavors from the master of Kombucha—Holy Kombucha! We have: Hibiscus Sangria and Green Apple Ginger. Two very tart, yet very delicious drinks that we are in love with! They are sweet, but not too sweet—we promise, you will fall in love with them too!


Draft Cocktails

We have three different (and of course, we have to wish you luck choosing just one…) draft cocktails at Ross & Hall. We have: Blue Nectar Sangria, Blue Nectar Margarita, and Purus Mule. The best part about these cocktails is that they go so well with all of our menu options. We would pair them with our favorites, but honestly, we love these drinks with everything we have to offer! Per usual, we suggest you come in with a group of three so that you can each get something different and try them all out!


Of course, we have to have some wine options—and let us tell you, we have a lot to choose from! Whether you like red, white, bubbly, or rosé (or all of them!), we have you covered here at Ross & Hall! With over 25 wine options to choose from, you are bound to find an option you love!


We might be called a beer garten, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have delicious drink options that aren’t beer! Stop in today to try kombucha, a draft cocktail, or wine (which is half off on Thursdays!!)! And don’t forget, during the weekends at brunch we have a Bloody Mary and a Mimosa Bar!

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