Dive into Our Menu—What is Shepard’s Pie?!

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One of our favorite menu items we have here at Ross & Hall has got to be our Shepard’s Pie! It’s well seasoned, delicious, and a great meal to have during the winter months we have ahead of us! And if we’re being honest—anything with mashed potatoes with it is going to be good (especially when it’s from Ross & Hall—right?!). Today, we are here to give you a short history lesson about this great meal, and then tell you what we love to pair it with! It’ll be a fun history lesson—we promise! And remember, our Shepard's Pie is only available after 5 PM! 

Shepard’s Pie—A Brief History

Originally from the United Kingdom, this dish is known to have peas, carrots, meat (most frequently it is lamb), and those mashed potatoes everyone loves! The goal of the Shepard’s Pie was to sort of throw everything you have leftover into one dish—could that be any more relatable?! Often seen as a cheaper meal at the time, though through the years the Shepard’s Pie has continued to be loved by all as a comfort meal on the chilliest of nights. Today, people add more flair to it—which is why we upped this delicious dish up with our manchego mashed potatoes!  

Our delicious Shepard's Pie!

Our delicious Shepard's Pie!

Pairing your Shepard’s Pie

A classic pairing we see a lot is our Shepard’s Pie with your favorite beer. And we get it, they’re both pretty comforting and easy. But… we have found a pairing that we are in love with and we want to share with you for you to try next time you stop by!

Our draft cocktails all go so amazingly well with our Shepard’s Pie! We know that it might sound weird… but we promise you, it’s a match made in heaven! Whether you go with our Purus Mule, Blue Nectar Margarita, or Blue Nectar Sangria you are going to love it! We had to tell you about this pairing that you might not necessarily go for, but it’s amazing!

Try one of our amazing Draft Cocktails! 

Try one of our amazing Draft Cocktails! 

We cannot wait for you to try one of our draft cocktails with our Shepard’s Pie—you won’t be disappointed!

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