Ordering Online—Eat in the Comfort of your Home!

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Although we absolutely love when you come in and dine in at Ross & Hall, we know that sometimes you want to just eat at home (but you don’t want to cook, we all know the feeling—the struggle is real). If you’re looking for the flavors you know and love from Ross & Hall, but you want to eat in front of your TV screen after a day at work, school, or whatever has you out for the count—we have got you covered! At Ross & Hall, we have online ordering!

Online Ordering

Ordering online from Ross & Hall really is as easy as clicking a couple of buttons. First, choose the time—do you want your food as soon as possible, or are you looking to pick up your food later in the day, or even on a different day! This is great for planning get-togethers, or when you’re having a rough day and need something to look forward to! Currently, we only have pick up options available, but we promise it will be worth coming in and getting your delicious meal!


When you order online from Ross & Hall, that means you don’t have to awkwardly babble on the phone and struggle to spit it out (I mean seriously, why don’t they have classes on how to order food on a phone?! It is a struggle!). You will also have a ton of options to choose from to carry-out: starters, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and pizza. If you’re looking to please the whole family on a night eating in, Ross & Hall is the place to go!


Even though we really do love seeing our customers in-person, we know that sometimes you want the comfort of your own home to enjoy our food— which is why we made ordering online so easy! If you can’t stop in soon, have no fear—your Ross & Hall favorites can still be enjoyed, even if that means on your couch in your pajamas! 

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