Beer Garten— An Overview

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So, we’re Ross & Hall Kitchen + Beer Garten—but what really is that? What makes it a ‘garden’? Other restaurants say they have them too—but today we are here to tell you what it is, why we have one, and most importantly, why ours is the best!

Beer Garten—What is it?

Hailing from Germany, a beer garten (or garden) is a large outdoor area where you can sit and enjoy a beer (not surprising!) and delicious food at large shared tables that look like picnic tables. There’s usually some sort of entertainment. This entertainment can range from anything like: live music, to games, to dancing. Beer gardens have recently increased in their popularity because of the amount of people who love beer (especially like us Texans, who love our Texas beer)! We won’t completely bore you with all the history of beer gardens, but we think it’s important for our customers to understand what a beer garden is all about—fun with others, delicious food, entertainment, and, of course, a nice cold beer.

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Why Ross & Hall Has a Beer Garten!

We wanted to encompass all the important aspects that a beer garten has and bring them to life at the corner of Ross & Hall. We wanted you to be able to enjoy the amazing Dallas atmosphere outside while with friends and family. We also wanted to provide you with yummy food and the ever-so-important cold beer! And of course, we wanted to have entertainment—in the form of sports and other TV programming, of course!

Why Ross & Hall’s Beer Garten?

We want you to join us at our beer garten because we have it all—delicious food, great customer service, cold beer, entertainment, fun, and it is dog friendly! All of these things were perfect for the location of Ross & Hall and the vibe we wanted to give off. We really do want this to feel like a second home to our customers, and by adding this lovely outdoor beer garten we think we’ve nailed it! When we created that outdoor space, we had our customers in mind by providing comfortable seating, umbrellas, and TVs! We can’t wait for you to join us at our Beer Garten!

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