Celebrate Super Bowl Sunday at Ross & Hall!

Celebrate Super Bowl Sunday!.png

With football season winding down, it’s time to celebrate the biggest game of the year—Super Bowl LII! Although the Cowboys will not be representing this year, it’s time to choose a side—and stick with them ‘til the end! The Patriots and the Eagles will be playing for the most important title of them all on February 4—and we want to watch this game with you!

The game starts at 5:30, which is a perfect time to start eating and drinking! That day, we will have $3 Well drinks and if you purchase a Beer Bucket, you’re going to get free queso! Deals while watching the big game?! Where do we sign up?

Football, Beer, and Pizza at Ross & Hall!

Nothing goes together quite like football, beer, and pizza, right?! Thankfully, at Ross & Hall, we will have all of that for you! With 66 different beer options to choose from, make sure to bring your reading glasses! Whether you choose a classic Bud Light, a Bells Oberon, or Peticolas Sit Down or I’ll Sit You Down—you’re going to find something you love on our extensive beer list. I mean, we are a beer garten—so you best believe we are going to deliver! And remember—with a purchase of a Beer Bucket during the Super Bowl, you get a free queso! As if you needed another reason to drink beer!

While you’re enjoying your beer and the game, make sure you fill up on some delicious Ross & Hall grub. Our menu is stuffed with great options, but we think today should be filled with eating pizza, drinking beer, and watching football (at Ross & Hall, of course)! Let us tell you about our amazing pizzas, you know, so you can plan which one (or which ones) you’re going to fill up on during the game!


Our (Amazingly Delicious) Pizzas

All of our pizzas start as 12-inch homemade dough and marinara—then, this is where the fun begins! We have 5 different and equally tasty pizzas for you! 

Classic 4 Cheese

When you limit yourself to only four cheeses, you have to be picky and only choose the best! When you order this classic pie, you will get: mozzarella, parmesan, manchego, and fresh cheese curds. Yum!


Another classic option, we know, but sometimes you just don’t mess with the classics! But, we did make it our own by adding some HUGE pepperonis! Once you try our pepperoni pizza, you’ll never want one from anywhere else!

Meaty Meat

Our take on the classic meat lover’s pie, but honestly, it’s better (okay, we might be a little biased…). Topped with ground beef, jimmy’s sausage, grande pepperoni, and ham. It tastes even better than it sounds, and it sounds fantastic!


Another classic pie that we absolutely love—so we had to add it to the menu! Topped with the freshest mozzarella, Texas tomatoes, and basil! We’re drooling, too, don’t worry!


Our last pizza is one that you might have never thought of, but once you try it, you will see how so much has been missing in your life. This pizza is topped with Stutz smoked brisket, homemade BBQ sauce, bacon, red onions, pickled jalapeños, and goat cheese! It’s a bunch of amazing flavors put on one pizza—you’re welcome!


We cannot wait to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday with you on February 4—no matter what happens to “your team”, at least you will be filled with delicious food and drinks from Ross & Hall!

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