Starters You Won’t Want to Share

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There’s a time and a place for family-style dining. While we are huge fans of sharing meals amongst friends and family, we’re not sure you’ll want to share our starters. Consider yourself forewarned.

Dips & Bites

For an ultra-melty kick-off to your meal, stick with our ‘classic’ queso, served with tortilla chips and spiced crackers. To take dip to a bit of an elevated level, put in for an order of our crab dip, pronto! We craft it by adding fresh, lump crab to a warm queso fresco. We serve it with torn bread and spiced crackers so that you don’t have to leave a single drop behind.

Straight Up Southwest

If you’re leaning towards a more healthy option, order our southwest hummus. Served with carrots, celery and toasted whole wheat pita, it’s just filling enough. If not, our beloved bison chili might be just what you need. Cornbread serves as the perfect complement to our Texas style chili. Without a doubt, Texican pimentos and cheese are always a solid choice.

Dense Starts

If you’re walking the line of hangry, you’re likely needing a more substantive starter option. Our smokehouse wings are the perfect no-frills option. Stutz BBQ smoked wings are served up with your choice of sauce, either our R&H sauce, classic, Asian fire sauce, or BBQ. A class dish, our S&A chicken strips are made from a buttermilk marinade with our top-secret spice mix and fried to a crispy golden brown.  Our brisket poutine, serve with shoestring fries will blow you out of the water. We prepare the brisket to perfection over a whopping 14 hours, and top it all with cheese curds and demi.

Are the hunger pains striking yet? Whether you’re willing to share your bites with others or hoarding them all to yourself, come by and see us!


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