Wine Down at Ross & Hall

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Nothing spells winding down at the end of a long day like a glass of wine at your favorite restaurant. At Ross & Hall we have over two dozen wine options to choose from. Whether you’re a Master Sommelier or enjoy sipping on our house offerings, you won’t be disappointed.


With ten red wine options, from California’s wine country to the vineyards of the Pays d’Oc, our red options are nothing short of diverse. One of our favorites, Times Ten Red comes from a winery and wine cellar based right here in Dallas, Texas, Times Ten Cellars. For those that appreciate Pinor Noir, we recommend either the Sosterner from the St. Lucia Highlands or a glass (or bottle) of Parducci from Mendocino Country in California.


Our white wine offerings are almost as strong as our red. For one of our favorite classic white wine blends, try Murrieta’s Well from California. Our two Chardonnay options, Camp and 90+. Winery are equally no nonsense.


For a fruit-forward prosecco that’s just dry enough, give the Voveti Prosecco. Jean-Louis, made in France, is a champagne that should be slowly sipped and enjoyed. Charles Armand


 There’s something about a pink toned wine that just brings a fun facet to enjoying wine. For something lighter than a red yet as refreshing as a white, order a rose. Taking a sip of Provencal Rose is indulging in a long and rich history. The region this rose is produced in has been perfecting the wine making process for over 2,500 years.

Whether you’re in the mood for sipping a glass of wine delicately or burning through a bottle, Ross & Hall is here to support you as you wine down, any day of the week. Click here for access to our full drink menu, including a detailed wine list. 

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