The Ultimate Sunday at Ross & Hall!

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Whether football is your favorite sport, or you are more into it for the food (we get it, we promise), we have some exciting news to share with you! Before the football game starts, head on over to the best beer garten in all of Dallas for Snackin’ Waggin at Ross & Hall—and then stay for the big game! On Sunday (February 4), we will have the Homegrown Hounds Dog Deli & Bakery at Ross and Hall—just for you and your furry friend! Join us from 11 AM to 1 PM to treat your pup to what they deserve while you enjoy some delicious food and drinks on your favorite patio in Dallas!

Pamper your pup this weekend at Ross & Hall! 

Pamper your pup this weekend at Ross & Hall! 

The Best Sunday!

Keep the weekend going with you and your best pup friend at Ross & Hall with the amazing Homegrown Hounds Dog Deli & Bakery!  If you’re treating yourself to some delicious Ross & Hall eats, treat your hound the same way! Homegrown offers a ton of different great doggie foods for your special pup!

And remember, it isn’t just the Super Bowl on that Sunday—but the Puppy Bowl, too! Now, you and your dog can watch two important games while you chow down on some great food together! And, if you want to read more about joining us on Super Bowl Sunday, make sure to read our blog here!

While you join us for the amazing Snackin’ Waggin on our patio—make sure to eat some brunch! We do have the best patio in Dallas, along with the best brunch menu in Dallas… So, it only makes sense to stop and stay to eat!

Brunch So Hard!

With the Snackin’ Wagon, the Puppy Bowl, and the Super Bowl all in one day (at Ross & Hall, of course), make sure you start with a hearty brunch! We seriously have the best brunch menu in all of Dallas!  Maybe go for the Flat-Top Omelet that is filled with meat and cheese! Or, go for the classic Cheddar Cheese Stuffed Biscuit & Gravy Bowl! A great meal to help with recovering from the night before, while fueling for a jam-packed Sunday!

This could (and should!) be you brunching! 

This could (and should!) be you brunching! 

Make your Sunday the best Sunday yet with the Snackin’ Wagon at Ross & Hall with your dog, and stay for the best brunch in Dallas on the best patio in Dallas—you deserve it! And, of course, stop by for the Super Bowl, you will not be disappointed! 

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