Ross & Hall-Picture Perfect!

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If you’re anything like us, you search all day through your “explore” page on Instagram to look at drool-inducing plates of delicious food, and cool handcrafted cocktails. Well, not only does Ross & Hall check all the boxes for having picture perfect and social media platform worthy meals and drinks, but we also have the best patio in Dallas—so you better believe that your photo-ops will pull in the likes! Whether you run a “foodie” account, you are posting pictures of your food from your personal account, or you show Dallas’ best patio and beer garten—your friends and followers will be hoping you invite them next time you go out!

Photo Op Heaven

Taking pictures at dinner with friends and family is nothing new, but in recent years, we have definitely seen an increase of people posting pictures of their food on different social media platforms. When you visit Ross & Hall, not only will your meal taste mind-blowingly delicious—but it will look just as good as it tastes! We firmly believe that you enjoy your meal with your eyes and nose prior to eating it, so we made sure our food and drinks look, smell, and taste better than what you expected!

Below, we are going to share a couple of the items we see pictured most frequently—but honestly, any and every order from Ross & Hall is worth a picture, we promise!

The Silver Bowl

Have you ever seen a sexier salad—because we sure haven’t! This salad smells, looks, and tastes amazing. It’s so good, you’ll start to wonder why salads have such a bad reputation. Packed with eye-popping colors and flavors, you won’t even need to use a filter to make the colors pop!


Brisket Poutine

Honestly, you could probably just write the words “brisket poutine” and people would like the picture, but… Shoestring fries, cheese curds, and brisket all in one picture! The three best food groups, if you ask us! It would be even better to make a video video of it of the “cheese pull”—people love it, and you get to eat it!


Our Cocktails

Okay, we honestly couldn’t choose just one cocktail to put up, so we just have to tell you that no matter which one you choose, it’s going to look great in a picture! Or, video you and all your friends “cheers-ing”—it’s a go-to!


Our Patio

If taking pictures of your food and drinks isn’t really your thing, then take pictures of yourself, friends, and family on Dallas’ best patio! It’s a great place for a photoshoot—and we totally encourage it!

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