The Sweeter Side of Life

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Let’s talk about dessert. You probably grew up hearing that you have to eat all your dinner (even those gross vegetables) before you can even think about eating dessert. Here at Ross & Hall—we aren’t your parents, so we say that this rule is meant to be broken!

If you want to eat dessert before your meal, do it! If you want to only eat dessert, we say do that, too! And if you want a liquid dessert, well, you know the deal! Come enjoy the lovely spring weather on Dallas’ best patio with an amazing dessert (or two)!

Ross & Hall’s Divine Dessert Options

With three equally delicious dessert options, you might have a hard time choosing which one to go for. If you come with a group, we always suggest getting one of each and sharing between the table. If you are really ambitious, you can try all three by yourself, even!


Warm Chocolate Cake

It’s very important that this cake is served warm because there is nothing better than when your ice cream melts on top of your cake. This deliciously moist cake is served with berries and vanilla bean ice cream. It’s the perfect mix of chocolate and vanilla—and berries, too?! Sign us up!

Passion Fruit Mousse

Light and fluffy, and oh so delicious! Topped with berries and caramel—you’re going to feel like the queen or king you are when you indulge in this dessert. It feels a bit lighter than most desserts, but it still will kick those sugar cravings we all know and have! A great dessert to pick if you feel as though you might have overdone it with your meal, but you’re still looking to get your sugar fix!

Caramel Cheesecake

Oh yeah, we went there. We made cheesecake even better by adding caramel to it! Topped with brûléed bananas and berries! Rich and creamy goodness, you might not want to eat anything else ever again… Just being honest; it really is that delicious!


We feel as though people think there needs to be a special occasion to eat dessert—but we say that any day is a good day to treat yourself to something on the sweeter side—especially if you can enjoy that dessert on Dallas’ best patio at Ross & Hall!  

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