Mother's Day Lunch Guide at Ross & Hall

While most of us can agree that mother’s should be celebrated each and every day, it sure is nice to have a holiday dedicated to expressing the appreciation we have for the moms in our lives! What could be more meaningful to you and your mom than spending quality time together? We’ve curated a delicious lunch guide for those wishing to celebrate Mother’s Day, Ross & Hall style. Come in and see us on Sunday, May 13, be sure to bring mom along.

Mothers Day.jpg

Lighter Choices

Presenting options for the health-conscious mothers in our lives, the salads on our menu are always a solid choice. Our cajun chicken, served blackened, is a more hearty healthy option. Served with black rice pilaf and wilted spinach, it’s a favorite on our menu. The sesame crusted tuna is another top-notch choice with tuna seared rare and tons of fresh ingredients.  

A Spread of Hearty Options

Our burger and pizza options aren’t to be missed, especially when celebrating Mother’s Day! The BBQ swiss burger comes sizzling with our homemade bbq sauce and crispy onions. The texican pizza we’ve created is one mom is sure to appreciate. Stutz smoked brisket, bacon, pickled jalapenos and goat cheese are the perfect marriage atop our homemade dough and marinara.

Brunch It Up Instead

We know, we know, we titled this is a lunch guide but here at Ross & Hall we serve brunch until 3 p.m. every weekend. Our brisket brunchiladas have proven to be a hit with even the most discerning of palates. A sunny side egg provides necessary protein while avocado, pico and salsa roja offer fresh flavor. Cheesy bacon hash takes this brunch option up a notch.

As Dallas’ #1 patio and kitchen, we are confident that you’ll find inspiration this in our well-balanced balanced offerings this Mother’s Day.

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