Vote for Us in the Green Restaurant Association’s People’s Choice Award 

It’s not often that we toot our own horn around here but this is one of those rare moments! At Ross & Hall Kitchen + Beer Garden we live and breathe our “Green and Giving” Philosophy in all that we do. As a restaurant dedicated to sustainability through and through, we’re asking for your vote for the Green Restaurant Association’s (GRA) People Choice Award!


What Does Being
Green Restaurant Certified Mean? 

We are proud to be a level 1 certified green restaurant! What exactly does that mean? The GRA certified distinction means that we’ve met all of the stringent certification standard in GRA’s seven environmental categories of grading. The seven categories include water efficiency, waste reduction and recycling, sustainable durable goods & building materials, sustainable food, energy, reusables & environmentally preferable disposables, and chemical and pollution reduction. Detailed information related to the certification process can be found on the GRA website

Our Green Initiatives

All of our takeout containers are created from compostable and recyclable materials in our commitment to reduce waste as much as possible. The plastic bags we use are fully biodegradable and made with natural bioplastic polymers. Planning to join us for Sunday Brunch? Be sure to bring your coffee mug along! Not only is it an eco-friendly act we’ll appreciate but we’ll treat you to coffee on us! You may have noticed this at your last visit but we also always ask our guests if they’d like water before assuming they do. This is an intentional effort to further limit our impact on our beautiful environment. 

Vote by August 1 

Voting closes on Wednesday, August 1. Visit to cast your vote today! The process is as simple as dropping our name in the restaurant field and providing your name and email address. What are you waiting for? We’d be mighty appreciative if you’d encourage your friends and family to vote for Dallas’ best patio and kitchen, too!

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