Calling all PintHub Members!

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PintHub has recently welcomed us into their craft beer membership community! What does that man for you exactly? As a PintHub member you get to enjoy a beer on the house at participating venues every single day of the month. Yes, you read that correctly. Every single day of the month.

Become a PintHubber

If you aren’t already a PintHub member there’s no need to let a serious case of fomo set in. Especially when becoming a member of the community takes just a few minutes. First, you’ll want to purchase a membership through the map. Notably, you have to be over the age of 21. You can pick between two different plans based on your preference. Now that you’re a PintHubber, you have access to tons of local bars and taprooms where you can use your membership. We have no doubt that we’ll be your first choice so head on over to Ross & Hall for your first free brew!

Coupon Code

If you’re a first-time member, be sure to use our coupon code. By keying in ROSSHALL1, your membership in the first month is just a dollar. That means that for an entire month, you have the opportunity to enjoy a beer on the house at venues across the Dallas Fort-Worth area for just a buck! How in the world do you beat that

Ross & Hall Brews

Like any beer garten worth its salt, we’ve got a pretty solid selection of brews to choose from. Simply select Ross& Hall within the app and pick the beer you’d like to request from us. Show it to a bartender or server at Ross & Hall and we’ll take it from there! It’s worth noting that you can visit us multiple times in the span of a month. We’ll keep your seat warm for ya!

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