3 Ways to Usher in Spring at Ross & Hall

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The time for blooming flowers and balmy days is ahead. We don’t know about you but the Ross & Hall team can’t wait to give winter the boot and welcome one of our favorite seasons, spring! We’re so ready for it, in fact, that we’ve wrangled up three ways for our guests to join us in ushering in spring right here at Ross & Hall.

Sip on Fresh Libations 

Our Raspberry Lynchburg Lemonade serves as the perfect way to cheers to spring! Made with Jack Daniels, raspberry schnapps, and lemonade – it’s top-notch. While all of our specialty cocktails are refreshing and sip-worthy, we have to shed the spotlight on another favorite, the Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita. With just enough of a kick, you’re likely to want another, don’t say we didn’t warn you! 

Munch on Crisp Salad

The fresh ingredients we use in our salads are a top-notch way to celebrate the fresh produce the spring season will bring. Give our Silver Bowl a try, its stuffed with tons of crispy vegetables including romaine lettuce, red bell pepper, artichoke hearts, and cherry tomatoes. Topped with bacon, caesar, and balsamic, it packs flavor into each and every bite. When faced with five equally delicious salad options, you truly can’t go wrong. 

Join us for Brunch 

If ever there was a season well-suited to brunching that season would be spring, of course! Join us either Saturday or Sunday (or both!) from 10am to 3pm to enjoy a brunch that dreams are made of. Fair warning, with crepes drizzled in bourbon maple syrup and smoked brisket enchiladas for the taking, you’re going to have a hard time narrowing down your choices. 

Even though spring is still a couple of weeks away, it’s certainly not too early to usher in the new season. Whether that means sipping on fresh libations, munching on a crisp R&H salad or joining us brunch, we can’t wait to host you! 

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