our Green initiatives


Ross & Hall is a Level 1 Certified Green Restaurant. We are setting the standard for environmental responsibility for restaurants and small businesses. Being Certified Green means we are dedicated to following all stringent guidelines in order to uphold our certification and continue setting the pace.

We are doing our best to create a positive impact on the environment here at Ross & Hall—from using compostable and recyclable takeout "Ecotainers", to reducing waste and becoming more energy-efficient, we're doing our part and encourage you to do yours!


Your Mug

Join Us For Sunday Brunch On The Patio, And Bring Your Own Coffee Cup For A Free Cup Of Coffee. That's Right: Ross + Hall Is Now Encouraging Our Patrons To Do Their Part To Help Our Planet Along With Us. Every Little Thing That We Do Makes A Big Difference!




No, We're Not Being Stingy -- We're Being Green! We Don't Want To Waste A Drop, So Our Staff Asks If You'd Like Water With Your Meal. This Not Only Saves Water -- But Saves On Energy Used To Make Ice And Wash Your Glass.



Our Compostable Takeout "Ecotainers" Are Plastic Lining Made From Plants..  Our Plastic Bags Come From Trellisearth.Com,, Are 100% Biodegradable And Will Not Harm The Environment When They Decompose. They're Made With Natural Bioplastic Polymers.  Plus All Our "Office" Paper Supplies Are Recycled Stock   We're Getting Greener By The Day!.